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Specifications, Heavy Duty SOLMAN 'O8

Input: 12 volts DC from 135 watt Kyocera PV Panel, 8 amps peak.

Output: 12 volts DC or 120 VAC.

AC Power: 1200 watts modified or full sine-wave AC from Magum MM-AE 1200 watt inverter/charger, 1800 watts surge capacity

Battery Capacity: 2 or 3, 100 Amp-hr sealed gel cell deep- cycle batteries (200 to 300 amp/hr total)

Solar Controller: Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E MPPT PV Charge Controller, can handle up to 25 amps or 3 PV panels.

Size: 52" high x 33" wide x 43" deep

Weight: 225  to 300 lbs.  (depending on battery configuration)

There is a heavy DC plug on the Solman

Base Unit Price $4500

SolMan Features

Silent Operation: No sound whatsoever. Won't bother your neighbors or you with gas generator noise.

Clean Operation:   No gas needed, no gas cans to transport, no fumes or exhaust to worry about.

No additional costs EVER! :   Once you buy a Solman, it doesn't cost anything else to run, as long as you can point it towards the sun.

No recurring gasoline costs, that are only going to go up, no oil changes, no short life span, as unit is designed to keep working for years.  ( 20 year PV panel warranty)

Completely self contained, integrated unit:   Ready to go, plug and play green power.    No engineering or electrical skills needed.

Transportable:   With ramps, the Solman can go with you in the back of a small van, SUV or truck. It can be laid horizontal safely.

Mobility: 26 inch heavy duty aluminum spoke and rubber bike tires and perfect balance allow the unit to be wheeled to any location for the best sun, and can easily be turned thru the day for maximum solar tracking and optimal PV energy input.

Deep Cycle Batteries: "2 or 3 -100 (200 to 300 amp-hr total) deep cycle sealed gel cell.  No acid spills or venting. No maintenance.

Enclosed battery Container: Optimizes battery life.

Two 12 Volt Auto Plugs: Plenty of places to plug in your 12 volt accessories, lights, chargers, etc.

One heavy 30 amp marine trolling motor plug on exterior, for water pumping, external battery charging, or additional external inverter.

All eternal plugs have covers and are set up for outdoor use, even in the rain, and all critical components are inside and protected from the weather.

Array only switch:  to route unused, excess PV power during the day to external battery charging or water pumping.

Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E MPPT PV Charge Controller:  can handle up to 25 amps or 3 PV panels, and Maximum Power Point Tracking gives additional 10% to 20% charging efficiency to PV input.

120 Volt Magnum MM-AE 1200 watt Inverter/Charger:  this unit has a built in 70 amp charger for when your batteries are down, and you have access to a gas generator, or the grid, you can just plug in the unit and bring your battery bank up to full charge in as little as two hours, also has an AC transfer switch, that automatically senses external power and switches load to that when on.

Magnum Inverter remote switch and status lights on back of unit.

Fuse Protected: 150 amp inverter fuse, triplex plug 20 amp and exterior 30 amp plug.

Heavy 15 amp solar PV-in plug, wired to solar controller for adding an external solar panels.

Toe piece L on bottom, allows for easy transport of optional external PV panel.

Solar PV panel hinged for easy access to internal box, and latches and locks if needed.


Additional Battery Storage:

~ 100 amp/battery
Install 3rd 100 amp/hr battery inside, for total of 300 Amp/hrs.             
(will add about 75 lbs to weight of unit)

Add $250  to base price (custom order)

~ NiMh Battery charger unit
Add a NiMh Battery charger unit on outside, which will charge up to 8 AA's, AAA's, or 4 C's, D's and 9 volt batteries.

This will be wired directly into the 12volt system, for maximum efficiency, but will be able to be removed and used separately plugged into your car or home AC. (does not include NiMH batteries, which are available most electronic and hardware outlets now)


~ Magnum MMS 1012  Pure Sine Wave inverter/Charger 
1200 watts, same configuration as above, but pure sine-wave AC output, for sensitive electronics.

Additional $233 on base price  (custom order)

~ Morningstar 300 Watt inverter

Scale down on the inverter capacity: Substitute the Magnum inverter for a Morningstar 300 Watt sign wave inverter, which is sealed from dust, and will be mounted inside the box, with outlet plugs, on backside. (note; this design won't allow larger daytime AC draws like power tools and motors, but will be more likely to give you the 300 watts all night, with the battery storage configuration as above.

Subtract $350 from base price  (custom order)

~ Second Kyocera 135 watt PV panel with 6 ft cord, plug and folding legs

Plugs into PV-in receptacle, and effectively doubles the solar charging input to 270 watts total.
Easy to use and transport "Gridbeam" folding legs system, stands auxiliary panel at correct sun angle,
Independent of SOLMAN, and folds flat for carrying. Can be flipped over onto SOLMAN unit and moved together.


~ Two Kyocera 135 watt PV panels with 6 ft cords, plug Y, and frame struts (makes 3 panels total).

Both panels plug into PV-in receptacle, and effectively triples the solar charging input to 405 watts total. Two aluminum frame struts attach to Solman frame easily, and panels attach to struts with bolts and wing-nuts, making all three panels one parallel array. Can be flipped over onto SOLMAN unit and moved together. 


We are designing and making available a SOLMAN Lite model, with a lighter frame, smaller wheels, two batteries max, and the MorningStar 300 watt AC inverter, or no inverter at all, just 12 volt DC out, your choice.   This will come at a lighter weight for transport, and a lighter price.  ( $2000 to $2500 range ) Please email us for further details and prices"

  • We are alternative energy system consultants, and we do custom spec builds and consulting to your needs.
  • We are continually refining and adding to our product, searching for the best price and efficiency options for our components and design, to benefit the end user.
  • Our designs are field tested and used by us in real world situations for performance and durabilty.
  • We will be coming out with a new SOLMAN "08 model shortly, with some new features and options, and would be glad to consult with you to build the best unit for your situation, so please email or call us for the best application, price and solution for your mobil green lifestyle."


SolMan Designed & Manufactured by
Alternative energy product and system
designers-integrators for the last 15 years.